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Improving lives


KCEO is an independent community based organisation committed to empowering the community in the Kibera, Mathare and Korokocho slum, an informal settlements in Nairobi- Kenya to leverage on socially available resources and talents to create sustainable development in their respective communities. 


KCEO aims to create a just and equitable society within the informal settlements in Nairobi touching health, education, environment and economic empowerment. .c  

The tour will be approximately 3-4 hours long and include visits to: a local school, a local hospital, artisan workshops, a family home and the KCEO local office.

KCEO projects fall under three pillars: Social Entreprenuership, Behaviour Change and Education. Through these projects, trash is turned to treasure and educational skills are taught to parents and students alike.


KCEO's Social Entreprenuership focuses on recycling of trash which provides materials to local artists that create paintings, jewelery, shoes, bags and much more. These funds provide school fees for a few lucky children. Help support!

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